Friday, September 30, 2005

There it is, the first Boading Pass. Oddly, Aeroplan Super Elite # is not shown. I am waitlisted for Business ;)

T - 13hrs Air Canada's Running scared!

Just got home and checked my email and phone messages.

1) Multiple phone messages about Air Canada's concern about the amount of trips booked.
Apparently I can be significantly contributing to Air Canada's overbooking problem.

FYI AC. I am showing up. Don't overbook.

2) Email warning about missing flights costing me $125 charged to my CC.

Let the games begin!!

"People say I'm crazy...

...doing what I'm doing."

John Lennon wrote that, and I'm living it right now.

This blog is to chronicle my travel and adventures over the next 60 days, in my quest to attain 1 million aeroplan miles using the Air Canada Flight Pass which provides me with "unlimited" (ya, we'll see) travel in North America.

Why do this? Why subject myself to overnights in cramped seats, bad food in cold dishes, and movies without nudity? I guess you'll have to tune in every few days to read all about it. :)

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