Sunday, November 20, 2005


Having managed a free opup on AC137 (way oversold in economy) I was presented with a means to repay fate.

Leaving the MLL (Maple Leaf Lounge), I noticed a small piece of plastic on the floor. When I went to pick it up, I found it to be a Sony Memory card for a digital camera. Closer examination revealed the owners name written in small letters on the stick.

Being the creative problem solver I am, I nipped back into the MLL and asked the agent to run the name in the computer for this evenings departure to Toronto. Sure enough I found out they were on the same flight I was and sitting in 37E.

I wandered down to the gate and upon boarding presented the item to the onboard Purser with the passenger’s details. He ensured it got to her and relayed her thanks to me back up front after the “delivery”.

All in a days “work”.

Just think, if I never purchased this pass, I would never be on this redeye to Toronto and never found the item on my way to the flight…Perhaps I should bill her $7000 for the Memory stick??


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