Tuesday, November 15, 2005

So…whats been going on.

I realize that the blog isn’t as current as most would like. Its just the keeping on doing this requires a lot of time and the time I am not flying I do have to devote to family and work.

Lots is happening on both those fronts. However, we will soldier on.

As far as my travels with Air Canada have gone, 99% of them have been without incident. Occasionally there is a weather delay (who knew Winnipeg was going to receive 33cm of snow yesterday..) or fog out here on the coast, but all in its been positive.

Mileage total.

I am now closing in on a million. To date I have earned 416,000 (actually in account) 270,000 Threshold bonus (yet to post – First week of December Aeroplan tells me)
And 81 boarding passes totaling 65,000 (+ 32,500 and 16,250 bonus’) and 1500ish from the second payment to flight pass (online booking points)

Total actually earned and flown is 801,250

I have another 40 K of travel planned by the 20th (which will give me 70K in my account)
So going into the home stretch of the last 10 days I will need to earn 129,000 points OR
75,000 actual miles ( 7500 a day (which was the original daily requirement – so I am on track )

Unfortunately, my work schedule is now threatening to take me to Frankfurt for the last week of the month. This will entirely undermine my attempts and leave me rather short!! (depending on whether they fly me on Air Canada to Europe or not J)

I will update this in the coming days to reflect my progress


Blogger Andre Tiemann said...

They want you to fly to Europe on the last leg of this journey of yours? They should instead use your adventure as a promotional tool for Air Canada. Similar to what subway did with Jared, you could be Marc the flying guy. This would promote similar deals in the future, everyone would jump into this new, albeit expensive trend and realize after buying the ticket how much dedication it is to fly for two months straight. They'll give up, which means more profits for Air Canada.

If you can't reach the million point mark due to that last week of flying, the potential for the ad campaign will have been extinguished. Shame on them!

3:49 PM, November 16, 2005  

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