Saturday, December 03, 2005

DAYs #2-#3 -#4-#5

After my short 9 and a half hour flight (come on, its not like going to Toronto and back, its not that far). I arrive in FRA.

My bag was on the belt within 10 minutes of the plane landing and I was at my hotel with study material 15 minutes after that. I had a lot of material to cover, so I got right to it and 3 hrs later went to bed for the night.

Day #3
The next day I had a class room session, followed by a 4 hr Sim block. As is usually the case, I had not met either other crew member (the Captain or Flight Engineer), nor the examiners. I actually prefer it this was as everyone tends to stick the S.O.P's.

I emerged 4 hrs later with a sweat soaked shirt and and signature and check next to the little box that says PASS.

Glad that's done. Feeling exhausted (and a little jetlagged) I go back to bed.
(Exciting stuff isn't ;)

Day #4

I manage to sleep till 9am FRA time, then have to gather my wordly good together back in the suitcase. I have a noon flight to Brussels on Lufthansa. Breaky of chocolate covered everything (this is Germany remember) , and off to the airport.

Check-in in was quick and painless, 1A in Business assigned and I am off to the LH Senator Lounge. The lounge itself is nice, but filled with Germans who are all smoking. I found it difficult to be in there even 2 minutes. I left and sought out the United Red Carpet Club. Non-smoking, quiet, nice..

The flight to BRU was on one of my favorite aircraft a BAE146. Air Canada stopped using them a few years back, so I am always pleased to find one overseas to travel on. Drinks, lunch, more drinks, and chocolate were all served during the 40 minute flight.

In BRU, I met up with the crew who would fly me to Dubai. My schedule has me dead heading on a company aircraft to HKG via Dubai.

Upfront the boys got the preflight of the aircraft done, while I preflighted the bunk. All our aircraft have 2 or 3 beds to sleep in. I was asleep before we took off and didn't wake up till the guys landed us in Dubai. My sleep was SOLID.

That crew got out in Dubai, while a new crew joined to take me the rest of the way. I was fairly well rested so I watched movies, read and served coffee to the guys up front.

Not too much longer the green waters of the South China Sea surrounded us and we descended once again in Fragrant Harbour (Hong Kong means fragrant harbour in Cantonese). I missed this place.

Quickly to my apartment, a quick shower and email check and I am off to the Temple Street Night Market and dinner at Wing Fat..

Dinner on the street sitting on buckets. Only in HKG!


Blogger kbd said...

"have to gather my wordly good together back in the suitcase"

Congrats on the incredible achievement, and couldn't resist posting when I read the comment above. What good was it you took with you? ;-)

5:39 PM, January 04, 2006  

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